About Steps2Health Walking Club

Steps2Health is a constituted, independent walking club that operates across Pembrokeshire. We aim to encourage walking as a social, healthy activity that almost everyone can enjoy. Our walks are led by trained, insured volunteer leaders. Walks are mostly around an hour with the occasional longer one up to two hours. Our walks are suitable for all abilities, no previous walking experience is necessary. Membership of our club is open to individuals over 18 and costs £10 per year. If you walk once a week that's 20p per walk. You become a member simply by joining a walk it is as easy as that.

Steps2Health is organised into 2 local walking groups based in Narberth and Tenby. We also have an active Nordic walking section with members across the county. More information about each group, our walks, and local contacts are available from the menu above.

Steps2Health Walking Club started as a Walking the Way to Health project and later became part of the Letís Walk Cymru (LWC) initiative.

Notes for your Diary

Sunday 12 May----Celebration of 7 years of the Wales Coast Path

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Wales Coast Path, there will be 7 events at 7 venues in 7 days in May, across Wales. The Pembrokeshire venue is Saundersfoot, on the final day of the week long celebration. There will be 7 events based in Saundersfoot including two walks led by Steps2Health leaders. One will follow the Coast Path to Wiseman's Bridge and back. The second will continue past Wiseman's Bridge and the Heritage Park up to Grove Colliery, then return to Saundersfoot. More details to follow.

Saturday 22 June----All-Club Walk and Lunch

This year's all-club event is being organised by the Narberth group and will be in Saundersfoot. There will be a choice of three walks followed by an optional buffet lunch in the Regency Hall. More details to follow.

Friday 2 August----Castlemartin Range West Walk

This walk is a rare opportunity to visit a normally closed section of the Coast Path, that has been protected from development for 80 years. The walk is 6 miles long but with easy gradients. It is on a mix of hardcore roads and clifftop grassland, with a number of stops along the way. Please talk to one of the walk leaders for more information. We are restricted to a maximum of 18 walkers. The list of walkers will open in early July.

Why walk anyway?

Health Benefits of walking: your body will thank you!

Ageing is Optional

Walking prevents muscle wastage, triggers cells' anti-ageing processes and helps to repair DNA. It also wards off brain shrinkage and increases memory, creativity, reasoning and sociability.

Lean Machine

Insulin encourages fat storage. Walking reduces insulin levels but increases your muscles' sensitivity to it. So you burn energy more efficiently and fat more readily-cutting your risk of obesity in half and that of Type 2 diabetes by 60%.

Built to walk

The fact we put our heels down first when we step is an evolutionary advantage that conserves 53% more energy per stride than running.

High on life

Walking boosts circulation, triggers endorphins and decreases stress hormones. A meta-study of academic research concluded that walking decreases the symptoms of depression - at least as much as medication.


Walking boosts bone density in the spine and pelvis, reducing the chances of hip fracture by 40%. Walking is more than twice as effective as running at fighting off heart disease. Regular walking increases the levls of anti-inflammatory synovial fluid in the joints.

Nordic Walkers Complete Carmarthenshire Coast Path

This summer the Nordic Walkers have completed the Carmarthenshire section of the Wales Coast Path. They started from Amroth on 5 April and reached the Loughor Bridge on 16 August.

Starting from the Pembrokeshire Border 5 April

Starting from the Pembrokeshire Border 5 April

The group completed a walk of about 5 miles almost every Thursday, a total of 15 in all. The walks were very varied, with big gradients on the western sections and pancake flat sections east of Kidwelly. The truly coastal sections were always scenic, while the inland stretches often only afforded distant glimpses of the waterways. Although much easier terrain than the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, this year brought its own challenges. The long spell of very sunny weather made some of the walks very hot and thirsty affairs. When the group reached the Glamorgan border at the Loughor Bridge they marked the occasion with a celebration lunch at the splendid Sosban restaurant in Llanelli.

The Finish at Loughor Bridge

Finishing at Glamorganshire Border 16 August

All-Club Event 2018

Last year's all-club event was held at Saundersfoot on Saturday 16 June. Starting from the Regency Hall car park at 11 o'clock, 52 club members from Narberth and Tenby groups enjoyed a walk to Wiseman's Bridge and back. On arrival at Wisemanís Bridge, the speedies continued up the Dramway for a loop around the caravan park; while the steadies turned back along the Coast Path. When both groups reached Coppet Hall on the way back, they turned onto the beach to complete the final stretch into Saundersfoot village.

Steady Group take a break at Wiseman's Bridge

Steady Group take a break at Wiseman's Bridge

Turning into Regency Hall, the walkers enjoyed tea and coffee on arrival. That was followed by a wonderful buffet lunch, catered by the ladies of the hall committee. After delicious cheesecake, then more tea and coffee for some, the club chair said a very few words and then proposed some traditional toasts.

Club members enjoying lunch at Regency Hall

Club members enjoying lunch at Regency Hall


Notes for Your Diary

Sunday 12 May - Wales Coast Path Celebration

Saturday 22 June - All-Club Walk and Lunch

Friday 2 August - Castlemartin Range Walk

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Why Walk Anyway?

So why is walking so good? Read on to learn more...

Nordic Walkers Finish Carmarthenshire Coast Path

The Nordic Walkers completed the Carmarthenshire Section of the Wales Coast path on August 16. Click heading to read more . . .

All-Club Event 2018

Last year's all-club event was held at Saundersfoot on 16 June. Click above to read more . . .